Welcome   to  Terrace Hill 
Orchards ~ Olive Oil ~ Vineyards
San Miguel, California
Family ~ Fruitful-Farming ~ Fun 

Producing the highest quality Olive Oil in collaboration with Nature while having a really good time!

The Highest Quality Olives

Over 1700 mature Olive trees are cared for using sustainable practices. Seven Tuscan Varietals produce Olives that are picked by hand and processed the same day at a local Mill in the Paso Robles area. Our Olive Oil is then stored and hand bottled to order to ensure freshness and quality.


  The Highest Quality Grapes

Over 1200 10 year old Zinfandel Vines planted in calcareous rich soil adorn the top of Terrace Hill Farm. The vineyard care and harvest is all done by hand, sustainably grown using no chemicals and minimal drip watering systems. This produces sweet and robust grapes that have been the basis of superior award winning wines for years.