Terrace Hill Olive Oil Company

Quality California Olive Oil


Terrace Hill was established in 2000 by Uwe and Martina Henze in the 

California Central Coast Wine Region during a boom in agriculture plantings.

 They  purchased the land specifically to plant olive trees in addition to a small 

amount of zinfandel grapes. 

In November of 2012 the Orchard & Vineyard were purchased by Frank and 

Shannon Tucker. As a local family business they are dedicated to improving the

 existing sustainable farming practices with the help of the whole family.

Together, they participate hands-on in every step of the

   Orchard & Vineyard maintenance and growth at Terrace Hill.


Shannon Tucker


Shannon is Owner and President of Terrace Hill Olive Oil Company. She Is dedicated to supporting local California businesses and organizations. She is a true humanitarian; dedicated to many non profit organizations including but not limited as an active board member for Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana, CA. In her off time, Shannon enjoys a glass of wine with her husband, Frank while watching the sunset after a long days work on the farm at Terrace Hill.

Andrew Tucker

Vice President

Andrew is Vice President of Terrace Hill Olive Oil Company and an aspiring Vintner. With a bachelors degree in Biology, he has worked for various impressive local companies specific to the wine industry. He has worked for Paso Robles Wineries including: Justin, Chronic Cellars, & Alta Colina, & Nicora

Andrew currently is an Assistant Winemaker!

Frank Tucker


Frank is Owner and President of Terrace Hill Olive Oil Company. He is the visionary behind Terrace Hill: Installing a new drip system, changing the landscape to make way for new baby olives and grapes. 
Frank walks the property every day, imagining and implementing the amazing possibilities for the Terrace Hill family farm. In his down time, he loves to grab a glass of wine with his wife Shannon & stand feet in the dirt amongst the Zinfandel vines at sunset.

Meaghan Webber

Vice President

Meaghan is Vice President of Terrace Hill Olive Oil Company and a Fine Artist. With a bachelors degree in Fine Art, she is the creative face behind the look and designs of Terrace Hill Logo, labels, and website. 

Meaghan currently resides in Poulsbo, WA with her husband Tim. In her off time, she enjoys painting and gardening.



Lily is the Queen Bee of the Terrace Hill dog pack. She does what she wants when she wants, but don't let her fool you, she will protect the farm from intruders in a heartbeat, and loves to catch rabbits in her down time.

Nelson (Mandela)

Dog and best friend to the Terrace Hill family. The newest addition to the team, Nelson enjoys being a puppy and helping with the farm by barking and running and being a comic relief on those long days at Terrace Hill.


Zoey the dog is the head of our dog pack Terrace Hill team. She keeps the other two in shape and puts them to work. In her off time, Zoey likes to have her belly scratched or run along side the gator when the people are circling the property.